Turning a Mess into a Message


Hope. The four letter word that saved my life.

I am a woman with passion and grace. I am on a mission to build up women, who are suffering from eating disorders. Offering hope, from my story. That there is FREEdom in the suffering.

I myself suffered from bulimia. I was living in a hopeless, sad, lonely, confused, misguided, faithless, and anxious world. I surrounded myself with toxic everything; from relationships, activities, social life, drinking, smoking, drugs, job choices, etc. My world revolved around “control” that I thought I had excelled at. But really, the only control I had was over a destructive eating disorder that I am now redeemed and FREE from! THANK THE LORD.

At the time of my downward spiral, I had no hope.  Finding hope in life, other than the false and temporary joys that I was surrounding myself in, has turned me into a woman of faith.  I am now a Ministry leader and Health Coach, with a focus on sharing life and spreading hope.

Join me, while I share with you my journey and where it has brought me to today!

Blessed as can be,